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Tips & Tricks

With a little imagination and support from Home Decor Quality Decorating, creating your own colour scheme can be fun and rewarding. No one knows your tastes quite like you so use our fantastic array of products and free advice to give your room a dream makeover.


Step 1

Look at your room objectively. What furniture and accessories are you keeping, and what simply has to go?  What features can be highlighted? Decide how you want to use this room in future? Is it to be a calming, restful retreat or an energetic and vibrant living space?  


Step 2

Consider different colour combinations that will help you create the mood. Get-out those scissors and start clipping images from magazines. Visit your local Brewers decorators merchants or Crown Decorator Centre to see the fantastic array of paint colours available. Pull together colour swatches, photographs and fabric samples. Copy the professionals and create your very own ‘mood board’.


Step 3

Share your ideas with Home Decor. Take advantage of our expertise and experience. Discuss your colour choices and the different finishes available in the Trade Paint range. Still not sure which way to go? No problem. You can experiment with as many tester pots as you need before you make your final decision.


Step 4

Once you’ve finalised your colour scheme and discussed your requirements in detail, its time to relax and hand over the reins to Home Decor. I will organise delivery of all your materials, take care of your furnishings, bring in all the necessary equipment and set to work. Before you know it, your makeover will be complete.


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